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Listen to the opening chapter of Your Simple Path

You can listen to the opening chapter of my best selling book By <<CLICKING HERE>>

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Your Simple Path – now as an Audiobook!

I'm so pleased with the finished version of my new Audiobook. Thanks to Samskara design and all who helped me bring the project to life. You can order your copy at the link below for immediate delivery. <ORDER YOUR AUDIOBOOK - CLICK HERE>

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What will it take for you to finally let go and follow your heart?

"If you knew who walks beside you on this path that you have chosen, fear would be impossible." ~ A Course in Miracles. What will it take for you to finally let go and follow your heart? www.iantucker.co.uk

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Tree of Life talk – Birmingham

Thanks to everyone who attended my talkĀ at the Tree of Life Autumn festival. A lovely group helped to create a special atmosphere. "Be true to yourself, Be free."  

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Don’t wait. Live your life today.

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Ultimate self care, simply live for today…

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Be true to yourself, Be free.

"Today, make a decision that takes you closer to the person you truly want to be."

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Let it go …

An excerpt from my book titled Your Simple Path.   The pace and turmoil associated with modern life sweeps us along and lays down markers to how we are measuring up against everyone else. A constant review of perceived achievement or under achievement. All day, every day. It exhausts us. How can we ever be at peace if our whole life is a competitive race against time and everyone else? The pressure to conform, to be right, to be happy, to please everyone, to pay the mortgage, to look good, to be popular, for our kids to do better than [...]

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Join me at the Mind Body Spirit Festival this Autumn!

I've signed up to join this magical event in September - I shall be giving a talk on Friday 11th September. Click here for full details > http://www.mindbodyspirit.co.uk/birmingham.

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A tree in a meadow.

"It's important to find a place that reminds you that it's all ok."

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