Overcome Burnout
and Find Your Authentic Self

A life changing 6-week journey to reclaim your sense of self and restore balance and enjoyment in life again.

Available as an Individual or Group programme.

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Hello, I'm Ian Tucker.

I am a bestselling author and wellbeing teacher.

My speciality is helping you overcome burnout and feel less overwhelmed so that you can create a life that finally brings you genuine joy.

Together, using simple easy to follow techniques we will navigate life's challenges, discover your true purpose, and find the balance you've been seeking.

Join me on this transformative journey to reclaim your life and embrace a fulfilling future.

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Does this sound familiar?

Low confidence
Lonely and detached
Self doubt
Feeling numb or empty

How are you?

Overwhelmed? Burnt out? Feel like you've lost touch with what truly matters in life?

I get it.

The pressures of modern life can be daunting, leaving you feeling disconnected from yourself and what's really important to you.

It's common to get caught in a daily cycle of existing without fulfilment, exhausted and yearning for a better way.

Whether it's your work, the demands of family life, or a multitude of challenges like difficult relationships, divorce, financial worries, or health concerns - it's easy to feel trapped and helpless.

It's no wonder that you often find yourself feeling so lost in life, often experiencing a constant sense of unease even in situations that should bring joy and relaxation.

This can also manifest physically, leading to trouble sleeping, a lower libido, or even bouts of anger and frustration directed at those closest to us.

I totally relate to how you feel because I've personally experienced it, but over the past 20 years I've discovered and nurtured a path forward that liberated me and now I'm dedicated to help you find your way too.

It's time to break free from the numbing cycle of being overwhelmed, let's rekindle the spark within you.

I invite you to read on and join the growing community of people just like you who have experienced the profound impact of this course and my teachings.

Overcome Burnout
and Find Your Authentic Self

Using my vast experience I have created Overome Burnout and Find Your Authentic Self, an easy to follow life affirming journey that will restore balance and bring you clarity.

Together, we create a safe space where you can slow down, reconnect with yourself, and realign your life with what truly matters to you.

I am committed to making my work accessible to everyone, therefore the investment in your future self for the entire 6-week programme plus ongoing support is just £495 for the 1:2:1 or £199 for the Group format.

A lady writing in a journal
“Ian lays out a step-by-step process for pushing the ‘reset button’ and
restoring the inner peace and balance to live a happy and contented life”
JON EYER - COURSE attendee

What you can expect from the course

Together we take time to really understand how you are right now and why you feel you need this time together.

We will then identify who you really are and what will reconnect you to a true sense of yourself.

This will enable us to look at your life and create a framework for where, with whom and how you best spend your time.

Like any journey there will be times when the road isn't always smooth - together we will explore the importance of recognising that this too will always be part of your experience and I will teach you how to develop resilience and acceptance.

We live in a world that always tell us we need more, and that endless search is the cause of so much of our difficulty and suffering - we will take time to contemplate how your life would be if you were able to "call of the search." And enjoy what you already have.

Using simple but profound exercises and discussion you will personally redefine and develop a clear understanding of what truly matters and how you want to live your life from now.

6 x 1 hour personal live Zoom sessions with Ian Tucker

In each session we will create a safe and enjoyable space and using easy to follow exercises begin to build steps that will enable you to relax, slow down and become clear on the changes you wish to make and how you want your life to look and feel.

Dedicated material to support each weekly session

Following our weekly Zoom session you will receive a mix of engaging audio, visual, and written materials. Dive into immersive experiences, including soothing meditations, inspiring visuals, and thought-provoking exercises to help you focus and deepen your understanding of each session.

Between session email contact

I understand the importance of revisiting and fully embracing information. That's why I offer unlimited email support throughout our 6-week journey. Feel free to reach out whenever you need clarification or guidance. I'm here to support you every step of the way.

Ongoing support and connection

Our 6-week journey is just the beginning. You will have the option to join a private Facebook group, where you can connect with myself and fellow participants who have embarked on this journey. It's a safe and supportive environment where you can engage in meaningful interactions and receive ongoing guidance and encouragement. Together, we'll continue to nurture and inspire each other long after the 6 weeks have concluded.

A lady enjoying a cup of coffee
“The course has made me feel grounded and given me so many insights. I have also released negative energy from the past that I had been holding onto for many years..”
Laura B - COURSE attendee
Week 1

Who am I?

We will take time to really understand where and how you feel your life is going and begin to establish what is stopping you from feeling alive and energised.

In week one I will also introduce a simple but profound exercise that will unearth and bring clarity to what truly gives you joy.

Week 2

Above and below the line

Week two allows us to build on the clarity that we gained from week one.

I will reveal an amazingly clear practice that in just a few minutes will help you understand your life so much better and show why it is crucial to be aware of who, where, and what you give your time to.

Week 3

What’s the gift?

In this session, we explore the vital concept of resilience.

Life presents us with challenges that can accumulate and feel overwhelming if we don't allow ourselves to process them.

Week three is dedicated to guiding you through a transformative approach that not only takes care of you each day but also prepares you for the future.

By cultivating resilience, we discover the strength to navigate through life's trials with grace and emerge stronger on the other side.

“Ian has the extraordinary talent of explaining things so simply that it makes you wonder why we have to experience stress at all.”
Marie Austin - Workshop attendee
Week 4

Call off the search

By week four we will have begun to loosen the shackles that have been holding you back. It will give us a chance to pause and reflect on society’s view that we continually need more to be happy or even complete.

This endless search for more exhausts us. Let us use our time together to remind ourselves that the simplest things actually deliver your deepest needs.

Week 5

Now is all there is

During week five, we dive into the incredible power of mindfulness.

Throughout history, people have turned to mindfulness to quiet the mind, find inner calm, and achieve a greater sense of peace.

I will guide you through simple yet effective techniques that you can easily incorporate into your daily life.

These practices will empower you to tap into mindfulness whenever you need it, allowing you to experience immediate relief and a newfound sense of tranquility in every day situations.

Week 6

Who am I?

In our final session, we embark on a comprehensive review, bringing together all the wisdom and insights gained throughout our journey.

We reflect on the profound question we asked in our very first session: "Who Am I?"

Each weekly step has brought you closer to an authentic and balanced understanding of your true self.

The truth is that you have always been free, and by now you will realise it fully.

This transformational journey has equipped you with everything you need to embrace a life of fulfilment, purpose, and authenticity.

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Let's get started

This is going to be a wonderful opportunity for you to journey within and reflect on what living in authenticity means to you whilst finally redefining what you want your life to be.

I am committed to making my work accessible to everyone, therefore the investment in your future self for the entire 6-week programme plus ongoing support is just £495 for the 1:2:1 or £199 for the Group format.

" I thoroughly recommend this course to anyone who is struggling with stress . There are so many things I have taken from it and built into my everyday life."

Bob W.

I understand the importance of establishing a connection before committing to the program. That's why I offer you a relaxed, no-obligation 20-minute chat.

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