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Opening chapter from Ian’s best selling book – Your Simple Path

Life – It’s a simple word. In essence it’s the period between birth and death, most of us get about eighty years at it and are generally provided with everything that we need to have a good time.

They even tell us that the best things in life are free and so on paper we have it made.

Common sense would suggest that if we spend eighty years doing something we’d become pretty good at it, but for some reason that doesn’t seem the case with Life.

As you read this book you’re living your life.

How’s it going? No, seriously, how’s it going?….

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I am a profoundly deaf mum with 3 hearing children aged 5, 3 and 9 months. My husband is disabled and is due to have 2 major spinal operations. Life had been very difficult and I had reached a point where I thought it would never get better.

Life was so tough and so overwhelming that not only had I forgotten how to live but also how to breathe. I have never bought or read a self help book before but I am so glad that it was Ian’s book that I decided to try. It is a gentle, calm and honest book, much how I expect Ian himself to be, although I have never met him. The book takes you gently by the hand and leads you on a journey of self discovery, neither preaching nor judging, but leads you along the path of forgiveness, gratitude and finally to peace, an inner peace deep within ourselves that has been there all along waiting for us to reclaim it.

It is beautiful in its simplicity and it is easy to follow. I felt a subtle shift in myself whilst reading it and I knew immediately that I could trust Ian’s wisdom. The result is as Ian describes, inner peace and most importantly freedom, from all the constraints we place upon ourselves which affect our well-being, our heart and our relationships.

What especially touched me is that Ian not only believes wholeheartedly in what he has written but he lives by it too. I emailed him whilst reading the book to ask if he could provide a transcript for his meditation cd as I would not be able to hear it. This he provided by return email the following day.

I then emailed him for some guidance on a particular problem I was experiencing, hoping that he may have touched on something similar in one of his workshops. Yet again he personally replied the following day with a lengthy, kind, detailed email that completely set my mind at rest. I have nothing but praise for Ian and his book and I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone who has lost sight of what is really important in life.

Mikey, Amazon