Simple steps
for a better life

Ian Tucker

made easy

Do you worry that life is passing you by?

As you read this, are you living the life that you truly want for yourself or the life someone else or society expects you to live?

Would you like to feel more calm and settled?

Modern life with all of its distractions and demands can leave you feeling anxious and uncertain, moving you even further away from your true nature.

I have been there and I want to help you.

Fifteen years ago I came to a crossroads in my life and found a way through.
In doing so I have overcome the debilitating weight of anxiety and panic attacks to develop a better understanding of how to take care of myself.

My work, through writing, speaking and recording has helped 10,000's of people find a better, more caring outlook on life, whilst reducing stress, and redefining what is really important to them.

I now wish to help you too.

Ian Tucker, wellbeing author and teacher

My name is Ian Tucker. I am a wellbeing author and teacher.

My intent is simple, I wish to share with you things that I know will bring you a better life.

After a 20 year corporate career left me tired and empty, I decided to follow a different path, to embark on a journey of personal care and discovery.

I found that "the road less travelled" can be a lonely one, and so if you feel that there has to be more to life then my invitation is to give yourself this time and let's explore my work together.

You can read, watch or listen to a range of resources all with the emphasis on simplicity, and on helping you make positive and lasting change.


Take time and listen to a selection of talks or meditations that I have recorded with the sole purpose of helping you find calm and clarity.

Choose from my collection of talks and meditations


My book titled Your Simple Path will reconnect you to what truly matters in life.

Each chapter is a step towards letting go of what no longer serves, and liberates you to create a life of authenticity and meaning.

It has twice topped the Amazon bestseller list with 100's of 5 star reviews.

Read reviews of Your Simple Path


I have created a Youtube channel where you can watch short bitesize videos on many aspects of wellbeing and self care.

Watch my videos here


I offer personal online sessions with the intention of helping you find clarity and a new direction in any area of your life where you may be having difficulty or feel stuck.

Find out more and book a session


A range of simple and easy to follow courses designed to help you create prolonged positive change in your life.

Discover the right course for you

"Ian lays out a step-by-step process for pushing the 'reset button' and restoring the inner peace and balance to live a happy and contented life."

Jay Eye - Amazon Review

"Ian has the extraordinary talent of explaining things so simply that it makes you wonder why we have to experience stress at all."

Marie Austin - Workshop attendee

"Ian radiates integrity, he's a refreshing captivating breath of fresh air in this era of "spiritual celebrity."

Jack Stewart - "The Healing codes" author and teacher

Live simply
Stay humble
Love genuinely
And all good will come back to you