April 28, 2024

"Don't waste your energy."

Ian Tucker
by Ian Tucker
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On my 6 week programme I ask attendees to imagine that each day we wake up with 100 units of energy, and for optimum wellbeing and peace of mind we consciously make decisions that do not drain our resource.

Here’s a quick reminder of  just a few things that will typically cross your path.

Things I can control this week -  (retain or replenish.)

Now, My actions, My reactions, The words I speak, My boundaries, My habits, My lifestyle, The way I treat myself, The way I allow others to treat me.

Things I can’t control this week - (drain or throw away.)

The future, The weather, The news, Other’s feelings, Other’s beliefs, Other’s behaviours, What people think about me.

Awareness is the first step on any journey of change, this week allow yourself to notice what lifts you up and what weighs you down.

“Don’t waste your energy.”

My best wishes, Ian Tucker.

Do you feel at a crossroads in life? Have you’ve lost touch with what truly brings you joy?

It’s never too late to pause and redirect.

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March 28, 2024

“Your authenticity doesn’t need their approval.”

My name is Ian Tucker. I am a wellbeing author and teacher. My intent is simple, I wish to share with you things that I know will bring you a better life.

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