May 26, 2024

“The body benefits from movement and the mind benefits from stillness .”

Ian Tucker
by Ian Tucker
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We understand that when it comes to physical exertion, we can’t just keep going.

So why, then, do we often ignore the warning signs when it comes to our mental and emotional well-being? Stress, anxiety and feeling overwhelmed are all indicators that we need to rest.

For most of my life I found it hard to settle, I needed something to fill the space, the void. TV, radio and news were replaced by screen time and scrolling, a constant barrage of noise and negativity. I literally never switched off.

Fifteen years ago, I saw a flyer for a local meditation group, just one hour a week and decided to give it a go.

I had no idea what to expect but was immediately struck by the cross section of people in attendance, everyone simply took a seat and followed the gentle instruction of the teacher.

Ok, so initially my nose kept itching, my T shirt felt tight and my mind was everywhere -  but very soon something interesting began to happen. My breath settled, I felt my connection to the seat, my feet on the floor and a fleeting sense of peace began to emerge.

Meditation has probably been THE biggest positive influence on my health and well-being in the last decade. I now practice everyday - just a few minutes seems to reset me and remind me that all is well.

I decided to create exactly the course that I would have liked when I set out on my meditation journey. A simple, easy to follow introduction to the amazing benefits of meditation, calming the mind and feeling more settled.

I am delighted to say that over 1,300 people have taken the course and it has become the highest reviewed meditation course on Udemy.

The course normally retails at £44.99 but I am excited to let you know that for the next 48 hours you can get it at the amazing price of just £11.99!

Simply CLICK BELOW to watch a short preview and enjoy the first lesson for free.

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What people are saying about the course…

“Exactly what I needed. Really nice and clear and easy to follow. I highly recommend this to anybody looking to explore meditation.” - Neville C.

“I love the way the teacher simplifies the content. It left me with space to just enjoy the meditation and guided practice. Thank you!” - Russ T.

“Loved it! The teacher has a very soothing voice and I really enjoyed the pace and simplicity of the course. Thank you for the additional guided meditations, I shall revisit the one to ease anxiety often.” - Bee.

“A wonderful course that helps you simply understand and begin the practice of meditation. Thoroughly enjoyed. Ian is an excellent teacher.” - Elaine H.

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April 21, 2024

“One breath at a time. One step at a time.”

My name is Ian Tucker. I am a wellbeing author and teacher. My intent is simple, I wish to share with you things that I know will bring you a better life.

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